CL.I.P.S. system shown how it works, mistake of owner he won't soon forget

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    Never underestimate ET and people on ET

    first off there is me, but there are other smart cookies here

    take a look at this picture of CL.I.P.S.

    do you see white lines Owner TRIED TO HIDE on black candle sticks

    clips is a moving average cross over system that tries to fade, how pathetic, how worthless

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    no wonder owner wants to make money on subscription

    he can't trade the damn thing :p
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  4. Seems like you have already made your conviction. Is there a question in your three posts? Why a bump?
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    to offer you my wisdom

    take it or leave it
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    the owner is still at it posting
  7. I didn't see it at first, but now that I do, it's pretty pathetic.
  8. We are fortunate to have people as clever as this Molec guy, who like a new....Einstein found the fraud in someone else's post. But since the only remedy for _immense stupidity_ is FACTS themselves, let me ask this top-notch...detective: has he ever used Metastock? Because if yes, he should know that the program depicts lines of loaded functions _even if they are 'invisible'_ (colored white, that is)! In other words, if the creator of xaa.jpg would like to conceal that plot that our....detective Molec detected here, just a simple Erase command would suffice: no retouching in Photoshop, no anything of these deeply stupid things that Molec is insinuating!
    It other words, even someone who has used Metastock for a..week (!) knows that this 'white line' the 'smart cookie Molec' (as this new...Einstein shamelessly calls himself) detected, belongs to _ANOTHER Metastock indicator_ ANYWAY, and has nothing to do with the red plot the author of xaa.jpg refers to! Just look at the attached .jpg that depicts the red plot PLUS another indicator called 'volum', plotted in light grey color, as you can see on the right of the image (the green arrow and underlying there). So this graph contains TWO plots, the 'red' and the 'volum' functions. Actually it contained like another....ten or even more auxilliary functions or so, that the creator of xaa.jpg erased to help readers focus on the RED function which is of interest here, but (to his misfortune, because the 'smart cookie' Molec intervened to ...expose the big fraud....!!!!!) he forgot to also erase the white 'volum' one (which is actually the 5-day Exp. Moving average of volume, if anyone is curious).
    That's all. Sorry Molec buddy; you didn't expose the crime of the century!... I only wish you knew Greek to read that comment from another...very intelligent person like you about CL.I.P.S. posted a few years ago, where he was mocking the System's bearish prediction on a Greek stock that ascended by a few percentage points shortly thereafter the prediction. The losers like him ran and bought the stock only to see it a couple of weeks later tumbling WELL BELOW 3.02 Euros, _exactly_ like CL.I.P.S. predicted , thus losing all their money and being left with their stupid initial sarcasm only....
    But, after all, this is what losers are made of, right?.....