CL, ES, FDAX, GC, Signals 41k YTD

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  1. Looking for a trading partner and only one to feed my signals too. I am up 41k on the year with 300k account.. So looking for others with similar account size.

    Signals will be free. Live account holders only, you must show proof. :D

    Must have high risk tolerance too.. some times up to 50-75 lots in the markets, mostly less then 20 though.
  2. wrbtrader


    You're up +41k profits for the year and you want to send someone with a similar account size your trade signals...freely.

    Why ?

    You can easily post your trade signals for free at any online forum of your choice, blog, twitter, chat room or any other social network that's free to use...many do via small or large accounts until they get bored and then stop. Also, anyone with a 300k trading account is most likely someone not going to be receptive in receiving trade signals from someone else unless there's a catch to it.
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  4. Jander


    average down much?
  5. bone

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    I've seen this movie and the ending was not happy.

    Why make someone else cannonball and blow up with you ?

    I would lay odds that 75% of the floor trader suicides in Chicago were due to cannonballing.

    Adding like you are is a sickness. Actually in your case it is going to be a terminal illness.
  6. ixus


    You trade 50 lots in the dax,cl and gold outrights. Futures? And only up 41K ($/€???) on the year? You must have taken some large draws and/or average a hell of a lot.
  7. I'll show anyone my records who is serious about making money, and needs a helping hand.

    I am not giving out my method, but I'll let you piggy back.

    Do I average down? Yes
    Do I average up? Yes

    I have a method, and one that works, I trade better then anyone I know, and consistently. No losing days in 7 weeks. and that was 100 bucks.

    Swings? for 2012

    Biggest down day 1450
    Biggest up day 3500

  8. ixus


    So in 60 days or so of trading you've not been caught out with a 20 lot on in the dax/cl or gc on any sort of news flow?

    Do you trade these markets simultaneously? i.e. ever long or short all three at once?

  9. my thoughts 20-75 lots and only up 41k by march 23rd = a disaster waiting to happen
  10. Could OP be ProfLogic?
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