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  1. Mandrykk


    It was just an olive branch. Don't be so sensitive. I'm sure you're a great trader.

    I know some of your clients are very good traders, I started my career with one of them. We used to spread LME metals. You might know who I'm talking about now.

    I don't know what you mean by shorter term time frames so I can't really comment but I rarely have no positions on after the close.

    Who knows if anyone is a good trader or not on ET??? Especially if you don't post? Do you have access to their PNL or Sharpe Ratio? And who cares if they have a big account! The London Whale had a big account, does that make him a good trader?

    Until recently I didn't post much on ET and just observed. I probably read half of your 5000 or so posts. Just to get an idea of who you were and what you were doing on here writing so much. I'll give you credit you know your spreads and products, and you sure as hell been at this a lot longer than I have (less than 3 years) but your posts are redundant and all over the place on here. It's like that 3am infomercial. Why? And why give these vague responses or stand behind the fact that your client has a $4mill account? You posted a statement saying that you made over $500k in one account and more in another. Is this true year in and year out? I applaud you for having a great year but it seems to me like you are trying to drum up business on here. Is that the case or do you really make $500k+ a year and just really like to teach?
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  2. That reads somewhat contradictory. Flies and condors are exploiting some aspect of curvature, so how do you analyse that without some sort of view on the level & slope of the curve as a whole?
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  3. Touche
    I could only imagine.. But i don't want to. haha.. i probably will always trade for myself.. So throw us a Bone.. what do you think of a mar15 / june15 / sept15 fly in GE.
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  4. bone

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    I wouldn't buy it, that's for sure. That particular combination doesn't move the earth for me at the moment.

    What I find sexy for STIRs on that part of the curve is the GE H5-M5-U5-Z5 Condor.
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  5. bone

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    All horseplay aside and lighthearted jabs aside, I am so pleased that there are some passionate spread traders like Mandrykk and CDcaveman posting here on ET.

    IMHO, for many of the members I see posting here on ET there needs to be a lot more spreading and a lot less of this psychotic manual "point and click" mouse scalping of flat price products going on. I am absolutely certain that spread traders are much more consistent than scalpers from what I have seen here in Chicago through the years. And I do think that small retail type traders with modest accounts should be spread trading. You can easily swing or position trade modest spread positions while holding down a "real" full time job.
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  6. I own an irrigation company....i have a small acount, i don't scalp.. and i do swing.. going into this rally i had alot more bull spreads on then bear spreads..
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  7. i'll put that one on my radar... i promised myself i wouldn't step into any new products without watching them for a couple months..
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