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  1. z/m or z/z looks good to me right now..
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    Buy front?

    See the analysis new edge put out regarding the wti brent spread?
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  3. Trilogic, do you have a link for this analysis?
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  4. i'd be looking to buy the spread, meaning go short the front long the back... just to get it right for the sake of future speaking..

    buying a calender is -1/+1
    selling a calender is +1/-1

    buying a calender is typically considered bearish to the underlying, depending on how close you are to the front part of the curve..

    reality is you could be expressing any number of views by buying or selling spreads.. its all an expression on what you think the curve will do in the future obviously
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    My problem with simple calendar spread pairs, especially where the front month of the pair is so close to the spec/demand order flows, is that you are so delta directional with the front month flat price futures contract. IMHO, there are much much much much better spread construction options for CL. My 2 cents.

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    Just as a side note,

    I have a few clients I took on in the early spring who are currently transitioning to the live markets, so I would be able to get a few qualified and motivated traders into the upcoming training rotation if that is something you're serious about.

    I would be happy to have a conversation with you about what I do and your trading background, and would be pleased to send to you some background information about myself. If you do review my background, and you then tell me that you are truly serious about becoming a client, I would at that time forward to you some client contacts so that you can ask them some questions on an independent basis.
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  7. Bone, you have an example of the kind of spread you might be more interested in trading? Are we maybe talking more spreads of spreads?
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  8. thats the premise of what he is advertising. No offense to bone. But his help is a service.. people typically trade the winter and summer months against eachohter.. the chart he is showing is m14 against z14 ... he was making a comment about how close to the front month i trade.. and how much risk that has to the front demand.. its much more volatile of a trade.. i'm flat right now.. i traded out of everything. if it breaks up above 108, the spreads iv'e been talking about will really catch alot of heat.. i'd rather just wait and trade with the trend then against it.
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    yep- thanks
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