CKX (Amex) / Oil & Gas / float: 1.5 mln

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  1. CKX Lands engages in the ownership and management of land and mineral interests located in Southwest Louisiana. The company's activities consist of leasing its properties for oil and gas and agriculture, as well as raising timber.

    CKX is a company which has been around since at least 1930. They are profitable. They have a low P/E of 10. They pay a dividend (about a 2.1% yield). There are no analysts covering the company. They have no debt. CLX trading float is only 1.5 million:

    CKX has been trading between 11 and 16 during the last couple of years. Early last week it had a “monster” spike to 24 and then came back down to the 13-14 levels a few days later. Now, it has started to build with higher lows and higher highs.

    Note the P&F target being given for CKX is 47.50.

    Check CKX latest 10Q here:

    CKX could do .40 EPS this upcoming quarter as no doubt their leasing & royalties fees are going up from the oil revenues generated from various independent oil companies. PDO earned .25 EPS and ran to 29 per share.

    Look for CXK to revist the $22-$24 price range.