Cjd aka "mad cow disease"

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  1. Not looking for sympathy here folks...just looking to pass on some really serious info. In 1994 my grandmother was in her 70`s living a very active lifestyle, walking everyday gardening and the like. One day she starts acting really weird..litteraly overnight. Things like wandering away from the house..forgetting where she lives...acting very child like, giggling, etc. Obviously the whole family thought she was just aging normally and had become afflicted with Alzhiemers. A month after the strange behavior started she died...just like that. After her autopsy we found out she had Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease. A prion that bores holes in your brain....makes it look like Swiss cheese. Since then my mother has become very active in the CJD voice and online community that informs and supports people and family members diagnosed with CJD. This is an horrible affliction that has no traceability. It can lie in dormant for decades. She was a nurse in WW2 so they said she could have caught it by working with cadavers...she was a gardener...they said she could have caught it by using bonemeal as fertilizer....they also said it could have been through eating beef. The "formal" stats released by the government state that CJD is rare with a 1 in a million probability..i am here to tell you it is much higher than that. the gov wants to keep people in the dark on this. Mainly because of the dormancy period they have NO IDEA HOW MANY PEOPLE MAY BE CARRYING THE PRION. I am not a conspiracy thoerist in the least. I am just passing on some real info from someone who has been touched by this disease. I urge you all to inform yourselves and make your own decision. Try reading "deadly feasts" by richard rhodes

    Moderators = sorry for posting this here and chit chat..but I just want everyone to read it . Thank you
  2. Go to see a doctor, quick. I think you have a hole in your brain. Sorry!

    True, there is a possibility of an epidemic just like that of AIDS. But there is simply no evidence of this at this time. The governments are working on it positively. No conspiracies. See what the governments around the world have done to solve AIDS.

    Yet again, just for your comparison, there is a possibility that the DOW will drop to half of its value or even to zero tomorrow for any reason.

    Cheese geeze, I am lucky for having holes in my brain tissues. Otherwise, I were not what I am.

  3. ignoramus. nuff said