"civilization" Is A Form Of Slavery

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  1. Well, thats what im saying.......
    truly anarchic society has never existed, just as truly "civilised society" has never existed.
    Perhaps your confusing "civilisation" with supposed culture.

    And if monkey society estrus is chaotic, then are you suggesting human society , with heaps of cyclically fertile females around at any one time, is in a permanent state of anarchy and chaos?

    Thats no basis for a civilised society......
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  2. No, I am not suggesting that human society with "heaps of cyclically fertile females around at any one time, is in a permanent state of anarchy and chaos."

    I am suggesting that the ground state is order, not chaos, with a need at times to free oneself from the structure to blow off some steam.

    The concept of anarchy means nothing actually, without first understanding order and regulation, law and custom...

    Anarchy on a full time basis only seems attractive to those who are still in a state of rebellion, and have a structure to rebel from. This rebellion is not really a desire for anarchy though, IMO.

    John Lennon found his greatest peace and happiness not in anarchy, but in the last years of his life, being a stay at home dad....

    Even toward the end of his "youth" John began to understand that anarchy is not really freedom at all...

    "You say you'll change the constitution

    Well you know
    We all want to change your head

    You tell me it's the institution

    Well you know
    You better free your mind instead"

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  3. Quote from Z;
    "Estrus in monkeys is perhaps a period of anarchy, but afterwards they revert back to their instinctive social settings, with little memory of the consequences or which ape they may have had their way with."

    So your a primatologist?
    I disagree.
    A primatologist will tell you, mating behaviour in most (primate) species is very well calculated for maximum gain, and where that is not a controllable factor, many other strategies are implemented to forward the cause of said offspring.
    This suggests, even over generations, their memory is more than adequate, and their behaviour in this particular regard has all the hallmarks of long term planning.

    These comments of yours, naturally, suggest you are not a primatologist, but should you stand by them, provide conclusive proof you are , in fact, a
    monkey, given the primatologist's must, by definition, be wrong.
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  4. You must really be getting your ass kicked to get so picayune...

    You da ape man...

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  5. andrasm,

    I admire your enthusiam, but this system has been in place for many decades before you were born, and I am assuming that you are at least 80. The societies that run things are beyond the reach of you, or I, or anyone that makes posts on the internet. This is a tool for the masses. Power is done beyond the realm of debate.

    So, the best thing for you to do is to try to become King of the Proles.

    Best Regards
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  6. Right. Well, i dont know what that word Z said means, but it sounds kinda creole or sumthin, so i shall look it up..................
    later. Much later.

    Z has it in his mind, Anarchy is the exception, something that only happens when animals get randy and such.
    He actually thinks, order is the norm , and all else are but "blips" on the screen of humanity.

    Not a student of history, it appears, but whatever makes him feel better.

    Monkey's aside (Z excluded), back on topic, consider the following.

    Civilisation implies society; to cut a long story short, unless it is possible to legitamately be "free" or independant FROM your society, or anyone else's, then you most certainly are beholden to said organisation.
    It's been a long time, since actual free people existed, they were killed off mostly, rather like the buffalo, the dodo, the passenger pidgeon.

    Free people could'nt exist now, its just not possible.
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  7. bsmeter


    The Destiny of man is to be Enslaved. We like it, we thrive in it because then we don't have to think.

    Life itself is a shameless farce manufactured for the merriment of the supreme being. The very nature of human existence is eternal enslavement.
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  8. Although I like John Locke, today's world is more Thomas Hobbes.
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