"civilization" Is A Form Of Slavery

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  1. Why is mankind the only animal besides domesticated animals, that is NOT allowed to be free?

    The system lies to you and confiscates 50% of your labor at gunpoint, and another 30% in hidden fees and taxes added into everything you purchase.

    Slavery has been going on for over 10,000 years now...you are living in the matrix, an unnatural beehive and you are being MILKED of yor life in the form of your labor to support the system that is ENSLAVING YOU.

    withdraw from the system as much as possible, save yourself.
  2. I'll save any sane THINKING person some time in their lives, so they can actually move on and do something productive, and spare them the groan-inducing that will result from reading yet another laughable news piece. Quote from the article...

    Pedro Celis, chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, said in a statement Tuesday that the DSCC should remove the ad because it vilifies illegal Hispanic immigrants and is "appalling."

    Houston City Councilwoman Carol Alvarado, a Democrat, sent a letter to DSCC Chairman Sen. Charles Schumer of New York asking that the ad be pulled. She said it could alienate Latino voters.

    In short: BOTH parties are still UNWILLING to control ILLEGAL immigration because BOTH parties want to get on both knees and lovingly kiss Hispanic ass in their never-ending quest to secure future voters.

    In the meantime, any Americans already here and belonging to any other race are told "F*ck you" once again by money and vote grubbing politicos from both parties.
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    I gave up government for Lent. it sucks, I learned Spanish so I can talk to a bunch of Indians and Mafiosos. I know lots of people in the US that don't vote, don't read a newspaper, etc. , they just don't give a rats ass. I like to read however, any suggestions on what I should replace the daily paper with?? The USA Today is a lot easier on the psyche than the typical newspaper or liberal magazine but I can't get it in this backwater I live in. I wonder if I would be happier if I swore off voting? People say it is my duty, but duty to do what? Put people in power that screw me over? Some duty.
  4. read? I only read Indy news(online) and maybe the Christian Science Monitor and the Economist. I do not even have TV now since I moved into my brand new home.
  5. Oh yeah, social anarchy has such a glorious track record...
  6. Laugh all you want but that is precisely the precursor to any real change. Obviously armed rebellion has no chance and it is doomed from the start. Gandhi and Martin Luther had achieved something and that was not by voting or partisanship - it was by passive resistance. Anyway who could you vote in '09 and not vomit all over yourself? It will take a lot of anarchy to have a real 3rd party.
  7. Normally, "a lot" of anarchy results in one "real" party, historically speaking.
    Z, your obviously an expert, have you any examples of social anarchy?
    You clearly equate anarchy with destruction, protest and armed rebellion, but im not convinced a true anarchic society has ever existed.
    All higher primates have strict rules and societal structures, not truly "chaotic" by any means.

    Or Italy, which for years had no functional, legitimate government, yet life went on as usual, no more anarchic than normal.
  8. Estrus in monkeys is perhaps a period of anarchy, but afterwards they revert back to their instinctive social settings, with little memory of the consequences or which ape they may have had their way with.

    Perhaps the 60's communal settings were close to anarchy, maybe the Romans and barbarians at times during their raping and pillaging, and the results were generally quite disastrous beyond the immediate self gratification, as the human "nature" inbred away from instinct for generations, or the domesticated nature of human beings if you will, has a tendency toward ownership of others, a sense of "he belongs to me" or "my girlfriend" etc. which makes such unbridled anarchistic actions fraught with consequences for most involved.

    Anarchy doesn't fit the mode of human behavior at all in the long run, as you suggest, there is a strong tendency towards order and a sense of ownership and family.

    Maybe the closest thing to anarchy in society is a convention of Libertarians...


    Or maybe the actions in the bond pits at the CBOT...

    "I see no anarchy in nature."

  9. Hmm. Well , if you dont mind me saying, thats not a great example.
    Estrus in monkeys? Geesh.

    Civilisation=society, near as i can tell.
    Before you pooh pooh that statement, history is a continuous stream, there is little to suggest periods associated with "anarchy" were overwhelmingly chaotic, this is a function of historical interpretation.

    For example, the Vandals, who migrated to north africa, were refugees, traders, who quickly established a fine "civilisation " and culture, and were very far from barbarian despots.
    Sure, they sacked and pillaged a bit, but not actually any more than most other major "civilisations" of the period-ones regarded today as pinnacles of early human acheivement, greeks, romans, persians, byzantinians.

    And before anyone tries it, any reply containing references to "continuous streams of pooh-pooh " has just been gazzumped.
  10. The essential problem with your theory is the golden rule...

    Thieves don't like to be robbed, killers resist being killed, and rapers don't enjoy being raped.

    Anarchists don't particular like being at the mercy of others anarchists, and people who are chaotic struggle finding their way in the midst of someone else's chaos...

    Oh, and since apes have their own society as determined by those who have studied them, are we to conclude they are civilized?


    I think you may find certain civilizations and societies that have periods of regularly or non scheduled episodes of anarchy, but all within the ordered context of that society....perhaps dating back to the urges of estrus and the need to blow off convention from time to time.

    Certainly though, not the foundation of any civilized society...

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