Civil war soldiers shot a dinosaur

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    A picture was found about a decade ago. Some think its fake, some think its real.

    Professor M. Nance Darbrow from the University of Florida Paleontology Department has studied the photo and has this to say about it:

    The animal appears to be (or is modeled after) a Pteranodon longiceps, or sternbergi pterodactyl. The snout on both are long as seen in the picture. While the Sternbergi has a more pronounced and taller crest than the longiceps it's hard to tell from the picture which this one is. The torso on both are very short and this appears to be borne out in the photo since the men behind are only 2 or 3 feet from the front of the animal. In the picture there is a distinct warp to the upper wing bone which is consistent with fossil records of both species. Although the metacarpals (hand bones) are hard to see it does appear that there are clawed which again is consistent with fossil records.

    It is my opinion that if the animal was faked then it was done by a professional who knew his fossils. Longiceps fossils have been found in North America although it was not until 1871 that they were first discovered. This would seem to preclude the fact that a model was constructed during the civil war.

    The photo stock it was taken on was proved to be from between 1960-1974 but 1961 the Library of Congress bought over 7 thousand original glass negatives of civil war photographs originally owned by famed civil war photographer Matthew Brady. They immediately began to make what is known as "soft copies" of the original negatives by photographing the images onto 8 by 10 paper. (which this photo is on). Several of the stains on the photograph appear to have been part of the original image and are very similar to common problems associated with wet plate collodion negatives. The wet plate technique was commonly used during the civil war but the technology had been outdated by 1880.

    The way these soldiers are dressed it has been ascertained that the soldiers were either volunteers or draftees from 1861-62

    Isnt it interesting...a photo of a pterodactyl in 1861-62 yet that type of dinosaur had not been discovered until 1871.

    If the photo is real, it completely blows away the belief that dinosaurs only existed millions of years ago. I dont know if the photo is real. It hasnt been proved to be real 100% yet, but its possible.
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    As an amateur cryptozooligist (is there any other sort?) I should point out, that sightings of pterodactyls/pterosaurs are common enough.
    Unfortunately, so are UFO sightings.

    I in fact caught one once, using a a special bait trap-it was, actually, a crow, but thats irrelavant!!!!!

    BTW, thats a reconstructed Pteranadon, most pterodactyls were very small.

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    Back in the day, christians called them "dragon bones".

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    i chased one of those out my backyard just last week.. was eating my tomatoes !

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