City On The Edge Of Forever

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    It is official. The US sees the future, and the future is of mass riots and revolts because economically the current system is unsustainable. They see a pattern the world over, and the game is up - people realize that they are born into a world as slaves and not free men. So like Rome, the military is the only answer. Conquer more people, bend their wills to yours.

    I still don't know what the [economic] answer is, I just know that instilling Marshall Law (it is this just disguised as something else) is not the answer.

    The more people you piss off, the more likely your own demise eventually.
  2. FWIW, it's "martial," not "Marshall." Please continue ranting. We are gunned and ammoed up on my street, but nobody seems to want to run riot here. We keep hoping.
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    Thanks, I knew that, but once in a while I have a brain misfire. As far as being "gunned and ammoed up on my street", you think the enemy you will be fighting are thugs and gangstahs. When you piss off the wrong people finally, you won't even see it coming - you will be vaporized in a fraction of a second. Remember, the gun in your hand wasn't invented by people like you, it was invented by people like me. But hey, it's the internet, so my dad can beat your dad.

    The human race appears not to be able to learn any other way.
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    The situation is grim. The Feds spun this web for decades. After 911, they kicked things into overdrive. It's clear they're preparing for martial law. But its deeper than that. Look at all the police state garbage: Homeland Security VIPER checkpoints on the highways (with open borders); TSA fondling the nations genitals; citizen assassination; warrentless spying; thuggish cops tazing everyone, left and right; all the brainwashing that torture is good; lies got us into Iraq; no declaration of war against Libya; the end of posse commetatus; Feds confiscated handguns in New Orleans (house to house without a warrant). Now this. It's a Police State. Lets call it what it is. Look at the propaganda on TV. Law shows and 24 always have some terrorist or raunchy pedophile hiding behind the bill of rights (freedom is bad, guilt by association). Jack Bauer always saves the day by torturing some bad guy (torture is good). Missouri State Police put out an intelligence dossier that listed Ron Paul supporters as potential terrorists. List goes on and on. The big 5 national news outlets always pump torture, war, safety for liberty, huge Government. Up until last year (before he got too popular), they would shout down and laugh at guys like Ron Paul who stuck up for the Constitution and Rule of Law. Don't forget the kleptocracy in Wallstreet with DC's blessing. Trillions down the rat-hole in endless bubble-bust cycles and wars to smoke out Emmanuel Goldstein. Notice we killed Bin Laden, destroyed the Taliban, and there's always some new "bad guy" that pops up? After OBL, it was Anwar Aliwaki (who dined at the Pentagon a few weeks after 911, google it). Then, Qaddafi. Now, the neocons are going on about some AL SHABOB in Somalia. Of course, it comes out today the Syrians torture children (so do we, btw), just as one of our aircraft carrier strike groups arrived off their coast (yesterday). Same with Huessien (the devil, incarnate). Those demon Iraqis threw Kuwaiti babies out of incubators, don't ya know? All lies. Gaddifi "was about" to genocide Libyans! *Roll in the tanks*. Iran is always a few months out from getting a nuke, even though our own intelligence agencies agreed they were 10 years out (2 years ago). The Feds always invent some new crisis to seize liberties and go to war. Problem is, they've been at it for about 4 decades now, and all this trampling has created a police state security grid, where we find ourselves trapped in today. It's become crystal clear, the Authoritarians in DC mean business. They nakedly admit they intend to put us under a Soviet-style dictatorship. Military on the streets, arresting citizens, with no habeus corpus. And if you resist? They'll shoot you and your family between the fucking eyes. You can't believe it? That's EXACTLY what that legislation says. Look who authored it. Look how many signatures co-sponsored and passed it. All those politicians are traitors. Obviously, they are preparing for martial law, so when they take off the trench coat, everything they do is nice and legal. We are in serious danger. Anyone who can't see that is a moron. Sorry about the length.
  5. As I recall the only answer the Roman Empire found was oblivion.
  6. LOL
  7. Yeah that was nasty too. It was a very violent time.
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    My answer is NOT throw in the towel but upgrade your systems and beliefs.

    The crappy system was made in a hurry in 1776 and it's high time it was upgraded.

    Smooth system makes a great country.
  9. 15 plus trillion dollars of debt no matter which system is not something you can solve that easily.
  10. Not to brag, or anything, but for forty years I worked developing shit that Buck Rogers had wet dreams about. Short of slaging the entire continent, boots and guns on the ground still beat the fanciest technologies. The fucking Afghans are beating us with rusty Enfields.
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