City of Detroit Asks U.S. Government for $10 Billion Dollar Bailout

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  1. First the big 3 automarkets ask for a $50 billion bailout and now the City of Detroit is asking for a $10 billion bailout.

    I say we kick Michigan out of the union so we can drop an atomic bomb on Detroit and be done with that godforsaken city once and for all.

    Let that be a lesson to any other municipalities, counties, state governments, or companies plagued by poor management asking the U.S. Taxpayer for bailout money.
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    Thanks Kwame. Thanks Engler. Thank you Big 3.
  3. Next come the bumper stickers that say "Honk if you have been Bailed out"
  4. Why don't we traders ask for a bailout too? You don't ask, you don't get... :D
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    They already received $47 Million from the Federal Govt.

    Do they just automatically deposit that in the Detroit politicians accounts or do they have to pretend to do something first?

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  7. You mean, ''Thanks Granholm (D)."

    So far over the last 6 years of Jennifer Granholm, her only solution to the nation's worst economy has been to increase taxes.

    She did say that she slashed government spending. What she really meant was that she cut the proposed spending, but it was still a huge increase.

    The good news, if you are a government employee, is that the state government is growing. Manufacturing industry has lost 320,000 jobs under No Jobs Jenny.
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    I asked a Michigander how that "Tax Your Way out of a Recession" program was working. He said Jenny was handed a bad situation and is making the best of it. So count on even higher taxes and and even worse economy for Michigan. But I bet if they raise taxes to 110% of income, they'll finally dig themselves out. :eek:
  9. F*ck bailouts. Whatever happened to good old fashioned bankruptcy???

    Cities can go bankrupt too. Detroit ought to.

    Once upon a time Orange County went bankrupt ... it works.
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