City More Lenient On Teachers Than Students For Drug Use

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    Thank you government unions.

    For over a decade, employees of Bay City Public Schools in Michigan have worked under a labor contract that gave them lenient punishments for drug possession and intoxication on school grounds. Under school policy, students caught with alcohol and drugs were punished more severely than their teachers.

    According to language incorporated into the contract in 1997, employees could be caught drinking on the job five times, under the influence of drugs three times and selling drugs to students twice, before they would be fired. Students, however, were bound to a code of conduct mandating multi-day suspensions on the first offense. The code also requires school officials to call the police if a student is caught under the influence of drugs, but the employee contract does not require the same thing for teachers.
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    It's the liberal way. Pretty much embrace support or insist on anything that makes no sense.