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  1. I'm planning on visiting the USA next summer to escape the southern hemisphere winter. Will spend a few weeks in Chicago, NYC and Boston doing the typical touristy stuff.

    Would also like to find somewhere good to stay for 1-2 months that meets the following criteria:
    - smaller city (say < 500k)
    - not too touristy
    - safe
    - no need for a car, need to be able to walk to supermarket, good public transport
    - nearby hiking trails a plus

    I would like to experience an American city like you see on TV (such as Cougar Town), if such a place exists. Nice laid back atmosphere, somewhere I can do a bit of trading then wander down to the local coffee shop, meet some locals, etc.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Telluride
    Outer banks of NC
    Jackson Hole
  3. Thanks for the suggestions....much appreciated
  4. Second Burlington VT... Except if I were you I'd be going once the UVM students get back in session. Church Street, Sweetwaters... What Ales You....

    You might not do much trading but you'll have fun!!
  5. Vegas...

    Live and bet large!
  6. I think Cougar Town is supposed to be on the Florida Gulf coast, ie Tampa to Naples area. Nice area but pretty hot in the summer.

    You really need a car in the US, unless you're in say manhattan.
  7. The area that you are describing PERFECTLY is Portland, Oregon.

    -Transportation- Portland has a light rail system which will take you right from the airport to most anyplace in Portland. In some areas of Portland, you can ride the light rail for free. If you have a bike, you can take that on the light rail train.

    - Safety- Right now, every place in America has its share of homeless, bums and street walkers and Portland is no exception. However, Portland is a reasonably safe place and I would say safer then most other cities.

    - Getting laid factor- Portland is a very liberal city with sex clubs, strip clubs, etc. Sex is a very liberal open thing in Portland and hooking up should be easier then in other cities. Guys actually drive from Seattle to go to Portland's clubs and bars.

    - Relaxation factor- Very relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is fairly nice and accomadating.

    - Hiking, etc.- Portland is very connected to nature. I have been to many cities in America and by far this is the easiest one to breath in. They have very strict environmental laws and you see a lot of hybrid cars around. Everyone does their part in keeping it clean. Everyone loves to drive around 4 cylinder cars or hybrids.

    - Clean - Portland is so very very clean. It looks like everything is new, but the truth is that everything is kept up very well.

    If you want to truly relax then Portland is it...
  8. How many places have sex clubs with Ron Jeremy's endorsement right in the middle of town?

    Vegas? Vegas is out in the middle of the desert. Once the casinos get old (and they will get old) there is nothing to do.
  9. Portland looks awesome, thanks for the tip. It seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.
  10. Flint!
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