City Forced To Lower Police Testing Standards Because Not Enough Blacks Passed

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  2. but they are smart enough to become the president of the USA, that is more important.
  3. Phooey, they can learn on the job. They should just eliminate tests, save on pencils and paper.

    Some police flunkie who gets a 55% on a test gets poked in the eye by a criminal, probably should have studied a bit harder.

    With enough camera's in the community and everybody who "see sumpin say sumpin" can now be a deputy.
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  6. Dumb people are better at following orders. Do not ask questions!

    In the coming banking and food riots we need boots on the ground to crack skulls. People who will open up machine guns onto crowds, like they do in Iraq.

    The war is coming home to roost, guys.

    Gotta love our corporate democracy. :(
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  8. Warren Harding looked presidential same goes for Obama.

    Who does this sound like?.......... Obama uses twitter, facebook todays modern advertising techniques. Same shit different era.

    On July 28, 1920, Harding's general election campaign manager, Albert Lasker, unleashed a broad-based advertising campaign that implemented modern advertising techniques; the focus was more strategy oriented. Lasker's approach included newsreels and sound recordings, all in an effort to enhance Harding's patriotism and affability. Farmers were sent brochures decrying the alleged abuses of Democratic agriculture policies. African Americans and women were also given literature in an attempt to take away votes from the Democrats. Professional advertisers including Chicagoan Albert Tucker were consulted. Billboard posters, newspapers and magazines were employed in addition to motion pictures. Five thousand speakers were trained by advertiser Harry New and sent abroad to speak for Harding; 2,000 of these speakers were women. Telemarketers were used to make phone conferences with perfected dialogues to promote Harding. Lasker had 8,000 photos distributed around the nation every two weeks of Harding and his wife.
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