Citizens of Italy: Spain just got 1/8 trillion dollars. What r your leaders doing?

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  1. Italian citizens!

    Your leaders need to score some major bucks, too!

    Before the door closes!!

    Vote them out, if they don't get some money!! Right now!!!
  2. Italy has a proud history, and should not be tossed aside while her neighbors receive assistance.

    Italy should get at least 3/4 of a trillion dollars before the door to the aid money slams shut!
  3. maccaroni men can always run on vatican bank and have enough pasta, pizza, pepperoncino, piccolo parma hams and lots of GELATO :D
  4. syrre


    Italy has more debt than Spain, Portugal and Greece combined.
  5. sigh...I never dreamed that I would be paying for this. Some say several generations have been committed to this.

    Can I move to Mars and opt-out?

    This has got to stop (said in Ron Pauls voice).


  6. Yes you can as a matter of fact!!
  7. 1.1 Trillion dollars for Italy would be the best size loan - meaningful but not overboard.

    Italy should get this in the next 2 weeks, or they risk seeing the aid door slam shut in their face.
  8. pma


    This will solve NOTHING,only "buys" more time :D
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