Citigroup rogue trader lost $20m in gold / silver

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  1. Kinda funny.

    If she'd MADE $20 mil, she'd be a "star" trader.

    If you screw up, you're a "rogue!" :p
  2. I think the "rogue" part has more to do with the hiding of contracts, reporting bogus prices and trading 75 times over her limit rather than the loss she incurred. I don't think those are star qualities under any outcome.


    Why is it so hard to catch these things until its too late?

    Isnt there a way to review outstanding positions?
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    -----------------------same old story from corporations. "The news is always good until it is not"

    Remember Nick Lesson? He was in charge of trading AND the back room. LOL

    Supervision rules, regs, etc are only as good as they are enforced.
  5. They never tell you when these dice rolls win. In those cases its due to the brillance of the enterprise.