Citigroup loses $9.83 billion in fourth quarter

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  1. Citigroup: $18.1 billion in pre-tax write-downs

    Citigroup to get $12.5 billion capital injection
  2. Citigroup to cut quarterly dividend to 32c a share

    Citigroup: Investments from Singapore, Kuwait, bin Talal
  3. Citigroup: Preferred stock to have 7% coupon

    Citigroup to offer $2 billion of convertibles to the public

    Citigroup: Sanford Weill, New Jersey to invest
  4. WSJ reporting $22 billion in write-downs and consumer credit losses
  5. massive:eek:
  6. Dont appear too bad. Better than expected.
  7. No wonder the shorts covered last week. They knew it was way oversold.
  8. Citi says Tier 1 capital to be at 8.2% after new investments
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    Agree better than expected (some of write down is for employee cuts), if Retail sales are decent and PPI is in line then we rally big today on the back of this news and MER's cash infusion.
  10. Wow. How in the hell can a company post these ridiculous numbers only to see their stock rise premarket?

    They essentially bummed money from some poor foreigners in order to avoid bankrupcy.

    Only on Wall Street.
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