Citigroup laying off 20% of it's workforce

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  1. My neighbor just told me "I had a really bad day, but it could have been worse. At least I'm not one of the 20% that are getting laid off tomorrow".

    He's been at Citi for a number of years.

    I guess this news will be released with their earnings (or lack of) tomorrow. Wonder if it's 20% worldwide or just in the U.S.? 20% seems like an awfully large number.
  2. Dont the have like 350k+ employees? Man, that would be nuts!
  3. I am fucked
    I am holding C and Mer ( Bleedingly ) and they are reporting Earning,s tomorrow what worst can happen
    When JPM AND WFC had a hard time Fuck C and MER :(
  4. this is the kind of rumor spreading that goes on on yahoo message boards, if you want to post please post something intelligent that can have some kind of discussion done on not fear mongering, mod please delete this thread.
  5. Dow drops 1,000 points tomorrow if this is true.
  6. jjftw


    there will be no layoffs, except for previously announced ones
  7. Geez, get off your high horse there skippy.

  8. i'm not on one, go onto citigroup or morgan or w/e board on yahoo message boards and you will find at least 10 posts of "My Brothers dad works for lehman and he said this.." or "my sisters cousin..." its quite funny and sad how stupid some of those people actually are
  9. And what happened to Lehman? :D

  10. no i know but my point is that some of those posts were absolutely ridiculous, that board was like a comedy show the whole week before the bankruptcy.

    First it was Rumor mongering
    then it went to saying "my mom is the ceo's assistant" then "jews vs zionists" then to "barack obama is a terrorist" to "mccain is a fag" to " i lost my life savings in lehman" to "buy lehman for .12 CENTS IT IS NOT BANKRUPT"

    ... priceless
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