Citigroup Hires Buiter as New Chief Economist

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  1. Citigroup said on Monday that it has hired Willem Buiter, a professor at the London School of Economics, as its chief economist, effective January 2010.

    Mr. Buiter will replace Lewis Alexander in Citi’s top economics post, in which he will head the firm’s economics research unit and join the management team of Citigroup’s Citi Investment Analysis and Research group.
    “We are delighted that we have been able to attract a thought leader of Willem’s experience and track record to our global platform,” Andrew Pitt, the global head of Citi Investment Research & Analysis, said in a statement.

    Currently a professor of political economy at the L.S.E., a well-known economics commentator and blogger and a consultant to Goldman Sachs, Mr. Buiter previously held posts at the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of New England.

    “As one of the world’s most distinguished macroeconomists, Willem’s deep knowledge of global markets and economies, and emerging markets economies in particular, will be invaluable to our clients,” Hamid Biglari, Citi vice chairman, said in a statement.

    Anyone reads his blog? Is he a smart guy?:)
  2. On one hand, yes. On the other hand, no. :cool:
  3. He's a good guy with some very particular views. He used to be a member of the MPC and his Maverecon blog is quite good.

    I especially like his assessment of his new employer as "a conglomeration of worst-practice from across the financial spectrum." See here for the full post:
  4. He is an economist. The answer should be obvious.
  5. ?.......on the other hand, NO! He's opinionated!.....For the next couple of days. :cool: