Citigroup executives whining about shortselling.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nofear777, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. You look at the stock price, then you listen to the C executives as to what happened to their stock. They think that shortselling is responsible , and that they believe shortselling should be banned (again).

    Then you look at the short interest in the company, which stands at 2% and has remained largely unchanged......

    I am getting the feeling that C guys are getting all of their excuses ready as to why they failed. And I also have a feeling that none of those excuses will involve the real reason why they look as they are ready to fail.


    When will these CEO's and CFO's learn to be responsible and actualy TAKE THE BLAME for something that is 100% their fault?

    CDS's are not a bad thing. They provide liquidity to the market, but when the dope in AIG decides not to hedge those swaps , they are put in the positions they are in.

    It is not the shortsellers.
    It is not the rumours (which all turn out to be true somehow).

    But it might be , JUST POSSIBLY, the fact that Aig, Fre, and FNM losing close to 75 billion in ONE F'N QUARTER!!!! Or MAYBE that BAC is buying out bad companies left and right (mer ,cfc).

    Could it be possibly their OWN FAULTS we are in this mess of sht?

    And what about these 3 dopes from the automakers? GM lost 80 billion in a bull market, so WHAT GOOD IS THROWING 50 BILLION AT THEM IN THE WORST MARKET POSSIBLE?

    These CEO's have exposed exactly how stupid they are, and how irresponsible they are, not hedging, allowing for terrible business models to continue, and even now they avoid all responsiblity.

    Market conditions, shortsellers, rumours. Thats who they blame. Anyone but themselves.

  2. And...the real reason banks are not loaning each other because each knows the other really does not have any ......
  3. They are insolvent.