Citigroup - BUY

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by JSSPMK, Jun 15, 2008.

What's your opinion?

  1. I agree it's a BUY

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  2. I don't agree it's a SELL

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  3. I don't agree it's Neutral

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  1. ImPO C is a BUY now, closing price $20.48, stop HAS to be below $18 & target is from $27-32+, holding period about 7-10 weeks.

    I posted this tonight because of the way Daily chart looks, confirms bullish sentiment.

    Best to all!

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  2. when C tells us what it owns, if it knows, then I'll look
  3. You don't trust charts?
  4. ak15


    You are referring to the weekly I presume?
  5. Weekly + Daily
  6. ak15


    Hard one to call. Shorts have been hammering this baby for a long time now. Lowest level in more than 8 years.
  7. My opinion is 100% chart based, personally I don't trade stocks, this is more of an outlook on the way the chart looks, which may benefit a person bullish on C for other reasons, timing wise ImPO this is ripe for a retracement at least, looking at the daily chart momentum ought to be sufficient enough to prevent a touch of under $18 zone.

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  8. Decel


    I agree on the short term, I see it as a buy.

    However I see (saw?) the markets doing at least one more dip before a leg up. However Friday's action has me wondering.
  9. Nickvac


    Wait it out a little longer but this stock is a definite buy long term. They need to release some of their holding first. By all mean its a steal though below twenty, if your waiting long term.
  10. i see what you are looking at but i think there are easier trades out there. your profit target is pretty lofty considering more strains are appearing with financials.
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