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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by ScapGF, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ScapGF


    I just noticed on their website that any USD deposits are FDIC insured! Does anyone know more about the quality of the platform or have any experience trading with them? It looks like the minimum depost is $10,000.

  2. Arnoldday


    I don't know anyone that has used them

  3. I don't see a lot of reviews about CitiFX, must be kinda new.
    If your main focus is on FDIC, you might want to check out CMS Forex ( I think their deposits are also FDIC insured, and there might be a few more reviews about them.

    If your interested in the banks, another "reputable" company that you could look into is Deutsche Bank Forex (
  4. jaley


    saxo? i would stay away...
  5. Even more funny :

    Introducing Broker program

    They must be desperate for business ! :D
  6. Uncle


    I've been using CitiFXPro for about 3 months now - have not had any problems... there are no commissions (only the bid/offer) and they have 3 different platforms in addition to MetaTrader and an app specifically designed for the iphone..

    I definitely recommend..
  7. Uncle


    i think Saxo only powers the demo.. once you open a live account, it will be a citifxpro server that you connect to..
  8. I tried their demo for 5 minutes, and thought it was total crap, and erased it off my computer and out of my mind.
  9. ric3bowl


    I asked about Saxo, and the CitiFX Pro rep told me Saxo is the technology provider for the trading platform but the liquidity is from Citi.
  10. riseluxx


    which is even worse...saxobank's trading platform is terrible on SOME occassions.

    i am saying this as a programmer who also develops such systems and even use the .NET technology they brag about.

    My advice would be more towards Barclays or Deutshce bank or of course my firm...but since I've been accuses of spamming, I won't mention my company in any case here, yeah ftw.
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