Cities closing libraries, destroying books

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hippie, Aug 6, 2010.

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    You are an idiot.

    It is hard to imagine a world without libraries but it is also hard to see how they are essential nowdays given our access to information from our homes and offices.

    I spent alot of time in this room. I hope people still have access to such places in the future:

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    fkbsuhites added to your ignore list...
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  3. Everyone tries to charge for the information on the internet though. At least at the library its free. And if you do want certain information and you pay for it on the internet, sometimes they only give you half the information and then try to sell you the other half later. I remember in the early 90s I used to go to the library and read the autobiographies of the lives of traders. Now you can get a few sentences or a wiki page about people, but nothing in depth. Sometimes reading books can give you a good understanding of peoples mindsets that you just cant get from a wiki page.
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  4. I love the way libraries smell. I hope they will always exsist.
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    I agree Nitro. Are there any libraries like that in the Chicago area. Harold Washington is very bland. Maybe Northwestern?
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  6. I don't agree that everyone can afford a $200 laptop (if these even work?) and $25 broadband each month. Poor parents may not feel that this is a priority for their kids. Some people are eating with EBT or food stamps. These people may not afford a $200 laptop - if u can get a working one at that price in USA!
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  7. I think this can prevent us from growing our mind, this must be a crime
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  8. agree with you about this .
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  10. "They" should just buy something like an old coal mine or salt mine...and stick the books and stuff down there until they have the money to support such a thing again. Just my $0.02

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