Citibank PISSES ME OFF!!!

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  1. need to rant...

    I called them (citibank mastercard) this morning to find out why my gasoline transaction was declined.

    Turns out I had sent my May payment to my other (infrequently used) citibank mastercard account by mistake. I always pay my balances in full, have never in 9 years been delinquent on this account. It's a joint account with my wife. We both have substantial incomes and FICO scores over 800. Our credit limit exceeds $50k on this card, and $4100 were 11 days "past due," so they shut down the account.

    The call center person could open both account #'s, could clearly see the $4100 credit balance in one account and $4100 debit balance in the other, but refused to move it over, and told me there was nothing she could do about late fees, etc., since it wasn't a bank error, it was my error. This is the kind of bullshit that gets me worked into an irish rage. I sent them (citibank) the full balance before the due date. wtf? I demanded a manager, but got tired of holding and hung up.

    FUCK THOSE COCK-SUCK MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!! I am cancelling all my accounts and withdrawing all the savings I have on deposit there. makes me happy that I've been too busy to renew my CD's with them. I am really REALLY pissed off. It's not the 29 dollars, its the goddamn principle.

    Right now I want exec bonuses clawed back, and some sort of punitive tax assessed. I can't believe how pissed I am.

    I am going to go to one of their branches and scream at someone, have like a borderline arrest-worthy tantrum.

    I've obviously cut up my cards. I paid off the balance and told my wife to not charge another dime on citi card , since I will never ever again make 1 red cent flow to citibank (except through my tax $'s of course, thanks to the criminal cocksuckers in office).

    If I had any real guts I'd charge it way up and stick them with bad debt....


    Cliff's notes: what's the best non-citibank credit card for people with excellent credit that pay off their full balance every month, and don't care about annual fees?
  2. You should, good customers should not be treated this way. make sure they know that not only are you going to close down all your accounts with them but are going to tell all your friends about what piss poor service you received.

  3. Ever thought of doing meditation? Might help you deal with these sorts problems in a healthier way. I agree that it is bullshit what they did but your reaction to it doesn't hurt them in the slightest. Your anger and need to seek revenge is the least of their worries. It is like getting mad at the rock you stubbed your toe on. Just let it go (after you close your accounts of course :) ) and move on happily...
  4. Your post, and your reaction, are justified. Citi and BAC game their customers - they count on making $$ off of the simple errors that people regularly make - and they insist on them.

    I would not be surprised to find that they've commissioned studies to determine what days in a monthly cycle are people most likely to forget their payment ... and then schedule payments to be due then.

    Rest assured, BAC is even worse. I've heard stories about AMEX too, but who knows.

    I would suggest joining a local credit union, or a regional bank with a nearby branch that you can visit from time to time. I'd bet these smaller institutions that see their customers face-to-face are not so quick to play these games.

    My 2.
  5. And please write a letter to your Senator and Representative. They should know how Citi policy is to f*ck their OWNERS coming and going.

    From time to time I've considered making one of those person-carried billboards and picketing a particular company - explaining to all arriving patrons what a crap company XYZ Corp is. You might consider doing that, instead of getting arrested. Do it well and you might even get some media attention. Hahaha, not sure if you have the time and disposition for such lunacy ... but gosh it sounds like fun!
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    get chase reward card or discover card, both return 1%-3%? in cash back to your account.
  7. I know some have had trouble with AMEX but I never have. They've got a decent cash back card (AMEX Blue) with 1.25% on everyday purchases and 5% on selected retailers with no annual fee. It used to be 1.5% but they are reducing it in June a quarter of a point due to economic conditions. I'll keep using it as long there is no fee and a decent cash back rate.
  8. so I've settled down, and have not visted any branches (screaming or otherwise).

    I did destroy all my citi cards and am withdrawing all $ tomorrow. I plan on doing as little screaming as possible, unless they balk at allowing me to withdraw. I may ask for cash just to make it difficult for them. It's only $16k that I had in an expired CD there. I wonder if I can ask for it in $5's...

    Got a visa from my credit union. Similar limit, but fewer air miles & cash back.

    Am getting a little peeved again just thinking about it...

    Oh, and I do occasionally think about meditating, but not while I'm mad. It kind of ruins the anger for me... (j/k)
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    The next level of being fed up is where you just stop paying and tell them all to stuff the credit scene sideways so far it makes their brain explode... but I'd wait until I had a lot of cash, certainty of income from trading and a new address....
  10. I agree with all of ya on all points, but on the flip side I've often wondered about Citi and others cc companies.

    Through regulation and typical anti business enviroment have pushed major corporations to the limit and acts of desperation is the only way they can survive is by cheating, ripping people off and taking advantage at every turn?

    C'mon, think about it. If you have a business and want to do the right thing but the only way to survive is by ripping people off, indirectly you have no choice through no fault of your own just so you can follow the rules and comply with whatever the next rule Congress enacts.
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