Citibank personal loans ranging from 10,49 % to 28,49 %...

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    The hits just keep on coming. Where is that stargate again?
  2. HSBC Avg; range: 13.85-19.25%; no fee
  3. Now that the government controls citi, look for those rates to drop.

    Look for clues and other arcane requirements in the loan application when the government starts strong-arming:

    Newly originated Citi personal loans are fixed at the 91-day t-bill plus 1%, or subject to 6.0% if originated on (2009-09); 5.6% (2009-10); 4.5% (2010-11); 3.4% (2011-12), with a return to 6.8% in 2012-13. You must allow meet the following requirements:

    Have not been convicted for possessing
    or selling illegal drugs?

    Are currently not on bail, or subject ro a current warrant for arrest or released on your own recognizance pending trial?

    If you worked for at least 2-years between 1988 to 1994 for the Tennessee Valley Authority, you may qualify for a special discount.

    OMB Control Number: 0129-2392

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