CITIBANK is a POS !!!!

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  1. citibank service has totally deteriorated........please , anyone can recommend a good large bank (i.e-B of A) that provides service for mid level depositor....(40,000 - 75,000 balance).........thanks in advance..............
  2. hsbc
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    What type of service do you need?
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    Good question - exactly what service do you need? I rarely need service from my bank so crappy service doesn't matter to me. The last time I needed service was a few years ago when I left my atm card in a machine. I don't think it really matters how much you have deposited in the bank, when you call the 800 number you will get an airhead on the line, and when you walk up to the teller window you will have an airhead in front of you.
  5. An example of service..... having the bank call me to cover a checking account overdraft BEFORE "BOUNCING" the check or at least checking my linked account to see if available funds are in my other accounts to cover the check........SIMPLE CORRECT ????......WELL not so for the rocket scientists that have run the once mighty money machine at citibank into the toilet!!!!!!!!!
  6. Good help is hard to find.

    I use BofA and they suck big donkey dick.
    I've been thinking of E-Trade, they claim 1,000 new clients per day, soon they will serve the world.
  7. Fidelity is awesome. They just started a banking feature, too, but the banking features of their normal brokerage accounts are so full featured, I did not have a need to open a separate Fidelity bank account.
  8. Hi Guys
    I run mass production analysis (forecasts)
    if someone has symbol list of tradeable Banks
    will they all and post the forecasts.
    Some are going down Like C
    C Might become a penny stock in 2-3 years
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    I've been with ETrade since 1997. Their customer service is incredible. I'm rarely on hold more than 10 seconds. Their reps are knowledgeable and go out of the way to be helpful. In fact, not long ago I called with a question and the guy answered it and then asked if there was anything else he could help with. I laughed and said, "Yeah, can you tell me why this stock I'm holding won't break out of consolidation?"

    And he actually said, "Which stock is it?"
  10. JP Morgan (Chase) is really good.
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