Citi will hit $12 a share

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  1. NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Rochdale Securities analyst Richard Bove initiated coverage on Citigroup Inc. Friday, issuing a buy recommendation on the beleaguered bank, and valued its shares 27% above their current price.

    In a report to clients, Bove issued a price target of $4 a share for Citi /quotes/comstock/13*!c/quotes/nls/c (C 3.17, +0.04, +1.28%) , and estimated its stock to be worth $12 a share when earnings "normalize," he wrote.
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    Bove.... lol
  3. Yeah, how many years in the futures after the 58 billion shares of dilution?
  4. Doesn't it suck when the stock hardly moved when you made a bald call? :D
  5. Yeah it will hit 12 after their 1 for 10 reverse split
  6. His majesty from a certain country would be highlly "delighted" if this happens....:p
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    I think in order for Citi to break out above $4, they at least got to have a chance of paying that TARP money back. I have not heard a whisper of this, so they will stay down here for now.
  8. So you watched that dumb a$$ show "Fast Money" on CNBC? I clicked in for about 5 minutes, right when they were talking about C.

    Some analyst upgraded it to a buy and predicted $12. One "Fast Money" entertainer said he didn't like C, but the others did. Win, win situation for CNBC I guess.

    (I think C sucks, otherwise it wouldn't be trading as a penny stock... price action guys!)
  9. Looks like it's going back to $2 soon with the crappy overall market tone.
  10. Bove forgot to mention C is a "screaming buy" -- like he said Lehman was :cool:
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