Citi Thoughts

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by FAST.AM, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Time for a run ??? Prince out the door ??
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    I say yes. I'm in it in the AM
  3. Super boring stock... It's funny to watch stocks like rimm grmn and appl double and citi hasn't moved in 5 years... it might be okay for a short trade
  4. its gettin close, 100mil vol today,,, lots of people got ass stuffed by this monster this week.

    C is long term low volatility but a nasty mfer lately
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    Yes I'm thinking short term pop - Load up on calls - rumors flying all over on this one....
  6. I can't believe you took a small profit on garmin and then come back at me with citigroup! So far garmin's been the closest thing i've found to a free atm machine. It's paying out more than my day job.

    I'd rather play GRMN RIMM AAPL BIDU GOOG or VMW... that's where the action is at for trading.

    Citigroup isn't bad though long term investment... it doesn't have much room to go down... it could goto 42... but a new ceo could take it to 50. And a side benefit is you will probably sleep better at night because the stock is so boring to follow.
  7. I bought some bank of america today... 5.33 % yield is a pretty good deal.... I don't have to worry about crappy management and a stock that hasn't moved in 5 years... and if it drops too much warren buffett's got my back :)

    Seems like a better deal at 47-48...