Citi Stock's Wild Ride Explained in Arb Trade

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  1. Citigroup shares finally broke the buck on Thursday, but the fallen giant's rollercoaster ride toward penny stock-dom may have more to do with a popular trade for hedge funds than the company's fundamentals.

    Citi and the Treasury Department last month revamped a federal bailout plan, in which the bank would exchange common shares for trust and preferred securities held by both the government and private investors.

    The complicated deal drastically changed the ownership structure of the firm, and offered Uncle Sam a 36% stake in Citi. Although most of the news was widely anticipated, Citi shares plunged over 40% in trading that day, and closed down 96 cents at $1.50.

    A big portion of the movement is coming not from a drastic change in the market's thesis on Citigroup -- there's little doubt the firm may not have survived without government aid -- but from hedge funds and institutional investors taking long positions in preferred shares or senior debt, while shorting common equity to capture massive differentials in pricing.

    "It's a high-risk trade, but when Citi converts those preferred [shares], people will have to unwind a massive short position in Citi common," says one hedge fund manager, who is playing the other side of the bet -- going long Citi in the hope that short covering will drive the stock's price up.
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    $2.57 Change:+0.80 +45.19%

  3. Citigroup shares rise 25%, to $3.15

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    Bombastic !:D
  4. Citi proposes to authorize board to do reverse stock split

    Citi reaches agreements with private preferred shareholders

    Citi files registration statement for exchange offer
  5. Shares have been halted for news pending?
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    Its trading now $3.10, its off from the $3.4x level
  7. Usually a reverse split results in further POUNDING of a stock..
  8. Its ONLY proposed right now and C is holding up nicely as of now. If market cooperates I think it will close $3.50 +
  9. Friggen AIG looks to open around $1.70. LOL
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