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  1. Some moves in the market make sense to me but this one doesn't: the prince goes in for another big buy on Citi at the $5 level and Citi tanks the next day on over 1 billion shares trading, only to run up over 100% within a few days. I assume anyone trading millions of shares on a stock has a pretty good handle on what is going on behind the scene with that company. Any INTELLIGENT thoughts as to who the big sellers would have been that day and why?
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    mutual funds -they are not allowed to hold non marginable stocks which is any stock under 5$...C is a pure gamblers play.You buy some for a longshot but expect to lose it all.I would say it becomes worthless from dilution.I wouldnt invest in C.
  3. $10/share is another "implicit" sell-stop level for institutional investors. C melted through that level to the downside and encountered resistance on a small rally back up. :)
  4. looks like going back to 5
  5. Bad assumption. NOBODY has a "pretty good handle" on the true state of affairs.

    Ranking Symbol Expiry Month Strike Price Series Volume Last Sale Price Net Change Total Volume

    6 C Jan 7.5000 7553 0.3000 0.0200 33742

    You think C will rise above 7.5000 in January ? :)
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    could be a nice rally in financials til inauguration day which also is around the time banks report earnings.....ive got a gut feeling on c but market has rallied to resistance...sitting on a fence...I would hate to buy c now and watch it fall back in a general market pullback here.Loooks tempting tho.
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  9. C high today 7.49. Seems a lot of call byers will earn some $$$, or ?
  10. C going back to $2
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