Citi Profitable?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jonbig04, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Doesn't seem possible.

    Have they marked ALL of their assets to market?

    If they are planning on pawning off their "toxic" debt to the feds, who decided how much the feds pay for those assets?

    Is there a good place where I can l read about these asset "levels"?

    Where can I find out how this company is really working and its actual financial state?
  2. nassau


    You can't that has and is the problem.

    The fact Citi even has rumor of a reverse split is reason to stay away unless you are buying puts?
    any news you will find has a hidden agenda.
    good luck
  3. well citi is charging me %19.99 purchase rate
    while chase is charging me %7.99
    I never realised and now i am pissed off
    So they are making money
  4. There was a chart floating around here, and many of the mortgages that aren't bundled into MBSs, Citi is carrying at 100% of the original value. So, no, they haven't marked everything to market. They aren't required to if it's an asset that that is considered to be held to maturity (and I assume that isn't bundled into an MBS).
  5. In his memo, you may recall Pandit said they were profitable for the first two months of this year EXCLUDING set-asides/mark downs for problem assets. In your words, if they had ALL of their assets marked to market (wherever market is for some of these things), that stipulation probably wouldn't be so prominent.
  6. Thanks guys. Those bastards. I trade ES/NQ so I have no dog in the race, but "profitable" lol. Anyone know where I can get a copy of Pandits memo?

    Im also curious how much of a loss they can take on those assets. I wonder how much the fed (we) will pay for them. If we gave them what they are worth I wonder if citi would even be able to handle it?