Citi over 4 USD, BAC over 7 USD, JPM over 27 USD...

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  1. Yes, Sir!
    Just bought some FAZ today. This gap would be filled reallllllly soooooooon
  2. You are correct, once the government bailouts and stimulus BS talks die down there is going to be a great shorting opportunity.
  3. That bad bank/good bank thing was already discussed a long time ago. I swear to god I hope more pumping coming from CNBC so I can short at a much better price. More bagholders please.
  4. What about UBS? :confused:
  5. Hum...thanks for reminder...was just occupied with Barclays...

    Barclays down 6.5% as banks open lower...
  6. not to be the one to say it, but if you're thinking very short term, then ok, I maybe see a trade in there. But if you're talking about short over a longer period of time, you're nuts.
  7. I hope not short! That would be unpatriotic :cool:

    I like to be short after a "short covering rally", don´t you ? :D

    Citigroup shares fall 5% in pre-open trade, to $3.99

    Bank of America shares slip 5% in pre-open trade, to $7.03

    J.P. Morgan shares off 3% in pre-open trade, to $26.80

    Wells Fargo shares fal4% in pre-open trade, to $20.30
  9. I completely agree with being short for the shorter term. The economy cannot simply recover after horrible economic data from a couple of packages.

    I am sure in the long run we will recover but i personally would like to be short now.
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