CITI is ripping us off

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    Hello everyone today I just got a letter in the mail saying that my new credit card rate is 30% just because they can and at no fault to my own. I talked to the lady and said this is robbery. How can you charge me 30% when the fed is letting you borrow money at .15%. This is on par with a stranger showing up at my house and holding me at gunpoint till I pay him. I even told her that CITI must be proud in that they almost went bankrupt and it took us the tax payer to save them.
    So what is the solution I told them I would decline and pay it off so they can close it, Great will lower my score because of the amount of credit it would lend me, So here is how we, the taxpayer can hold them accountable. Close all accounts with CITI bank and go to another bank because this is the only way to get through to them that this robbery will not stand. So please pass on to all your friends that we must close all accounts with CITI bank to protest what they are trying to do to the honest customer while everybody else gets a free ride. So in conclusion will you help me start this all.

  2. It should not make one bit of difference whether they charge you 3%, 30%, or 300%.

    If you aren't paying off the FULL BALANCE every month then you are mis-using your credit card. Force yourself to pay off the full balance every month (or pay in cash only) and you will find yourself wasting a lot less money and have more cash at the end of every year.
  3. they did that to ditch you as a customer... they dont want you. same with insurance companies, they raise your rates so high that you leave to another company...

    do a zero apr balance transfer to a new card leave this one open so it doesnt screw up your credit... DONT USE IT, and stop creating high balances and keeping them for long periods of time.
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    good is my story.. just got the bill from citi with financial charges.miss the payment..but i never got the on that bill is $20. financial charges are $27. why? because they calculated them from current balance..never miss the payment for more than a decade..bottom line-i'm closing my account with them. f* you citi
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    My balance is 1/8 of my total amount available. I just used it recently when I went on vacation. Normally it has nothing on it and I have a great income so there is really no reason. I forgot to give you all one tidbit is they did offer to give me a 10% discount off my apr every month that I payed on time. Wow
    I'm only mad because this is a bank that should be out of business and these types of rates to people with score of over 750 should not be allowed.
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    Remember everybody to pass on to everybody to close there account to a bank that is surviving on welfare. This is the only way that the weak will die, so the strong can take over because at status quo the govt will do keep it afloat.
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    My wife and I are the same way, paid in full each month.

    Problem is, folks like us that use a credit card as a debit card with a lagged debit are going to be in for a rude awakening after they've dispatched those who maintain a balance.

    The next wave is compounded interest from the date of purchase in addition to an annual fee indexed in some absurd way to maximize their risk-free profit margin.

    IMHO, the big box retailers are smacking their lips at the thought of the ultimate consumer lock-in; a resurgence of discounts tied to affinity cards, lay-away, christmas clubs, etc.
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    they did the same to me with my 780 fico and perfect payment history......

    they are parasites and i hope they die slowly and painfully.
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    I got an 845 credit score and they haven't raised my rate yet. Is there some criteria they are using to select accounts to raise or are they doing it across the board. My wife has a card with a $59k credit limit and her rate is still 13.99%. Perhaps we just haven't gotten our notice yet.
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    Well just some food for thought my credit line was over 30K anyways just close it now and pass it on to everbody else to we can all make a statement. Anyways they are tying up funds that could be used by other healthier banks that don't have the same deal to lend out to new ideas.
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