CITI breaks 2 handles

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. dsq


    breaks to 7 then 6 today!!!
  2. 6.99 and falling :eek:
  3. Must give Crammer props on this one... saying "C is not a buy until $5.."

    Except... is it a buy even at $5??
  4. usually when a stock breaks under 10 institutional support declines rapidly.
  5. & Jim Rogers
  6. dsq


    jim rogers said 5...this market is holding up well so far... how bout -400 dow for close?
  7. Cramer said the financials bottomed 15 times in the last year.

    Eventually he will get it right and we will never hear the end of it from him.

  8. either an impressive snapback or an ugly closing. Market governed by fear, can do anything
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    well i missed that short...have been trading badly all week..i get stuck in bad trades,ride em out and trade extra to break even...then i wuit for the day...too exhausting and emotionally exhausting.
  10. I get everyday an spam email from thestreet begging for a suscription, if this carnage goes on (and it will) I guess Cramer will end on living on "the street".

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