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  1. I heard that government may step in Citibank, as it is too big to fail. Common share holders would get hurt. I have quite a lot of Citi for the long term investment. What are your opinions? If I sell now, I will lose. However, it is better to lose small than big.
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    If they go into the banks it will be as preferred, not common, as least that is what they are saying now.
  3. England would have to take care of this one as prince charles is a significant holder.
  4. So you think C is safe to hold??? I can scalp in and out.
  5. I think C is one of the tougher stocks to trade... How the hell can you see any turns in that thing?
  6. False. If you hadn't noticed we are, perhaps, in the biggest bank debacle ever, buying these securities is madness, even for a scalp. Short Selling on the other hand is also still risky, but I think, a bit less.
  7. What about other financials?
    I am looking at BAC, JPM, Wells Fargo --- financials outperformed on Friday. C, JPM, and XLF were up.
  8. Do you sell today's rally for the government's injection announcements for Citi Bank and BanK of America?
  9. Citi, BAC, GS, and XLF had good gains today. But JPM lagged badly, why??

    Citi was strong throughout the day but faded quickly in last few minutes to close at 18.62, about 45 cents from the high. I am looking for Citi to rally to 21 or 22 during the next few days. Citi has rallied over 50% since the low on Friday. Same for XLF.

    THE STAR is GOLDMAN SACHS - GS has rallied from 74 to 122.90 in less than 3 trading sessions. WOW! Thats; over 60% !!!!