Citi Bank Linked To Story Of ' Major Bank About To Fail '

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  1. Watch out the Feds will be all over you, for posting this.
  2. thats the beauty of trading from manila.

    they can go fuck themselves,
  3. This is from the same guys who brought us Somali pirates buying Citigroup!
  4. Another short loser. Misses 35% rally, happy with 2% retrace.
  5. Yeah but you're stuck in a cesspool
  6. depends on your version of cesspool.

    living in a third world country has its advantages.

    bribeable officials and police.

    cheap living.

    lots of women.

    good food.

    nice and warm.

    ill take that over the poverty in the states anyday thats brushed under the carpet.

    your country after katrina is a joke mate.

    a major embarassment.

    even pakistan sent food supplies during that fiasco.
  7. LVMises


    After Katrina? LOL

    You need a garbage bag to protect you from the STD's.
  8. well at least he didn't say lots of boys.

  9. you tell em'hoss. little Obamanites. lol.
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