Citi at what price?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Pilotboy, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. How low do you think Citi is going?

    At what price do you think it starts to become cheap to a Fundamental Value Investor? Why?
  2. Jim Rogers said its a buy at $5 :D
  3. The 2002 low at ~$22 will attract a lot of media-buzz. The 1998 low near $13 will be painful.
  4. I saw you posting in a couple of other C threads and I am certain that you're long from a higher price after thinking that a bottom was in. Is that the case? I'm not flaming you, I just want you to know that it becomes obvious after a while what your position is so you might as well just come out and say it.

    Am I right? (Please remember there's an archive here).
  5. why keep asking how low C is going Pilot boy. The answer is nobody knows. If you feel strongly about city just buy it or short it with the necesary stops to protect your investment. I have no idea why i responded to this thread.
  6. The lowest it will go is $0. :D
  7. No, never asked about Citi before. And no I don't own it or any other financial, I covered my financial shorts waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too early. I just keep hearing people say that Citi could NEVER go into the teens. Usually when I here that about a stock, it will get to the teens.

    I was really just curious where it gets attractive to value players, thats all. People sure are negative on this board, I think many just enjoy arguing.
  8. bgp


    i was looking for a short term cycle lo today , maybe for a week or 2. i might be wrong and be covering my long soon.

  9. C can easily see $18-19. EASILY.
    It broke $25. It has traded as low as $23.92, and it is trading comfortably below $25 at $24.28 at the moment.
  10. woof, woof. Watch this stock continue to get a good old fashioned New York beatdown.
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