Citi ad blitz hopes to pre-empt cataclysmic "run on the bank"

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  1. A diagnostic that is required in confirming that insiders know the death spiral has already started - an attempt to calm customers.

    Issued by Citi this weekend.

    I suggest you get your money out now. Before business and political leaders start to spin you on "why it's better for everybody if you don't get your money back."
  2. "Citi never sleeps." Soon it will be resting in peace.
  3. Anybody know how much the FDIC has, and what the deposits are at Citi?
  4. Citi's customers will 'never sleep' this weekend.
  5. Getting in line to get your money out will be easier than wondering if you'll ever get it in the first place.....
  6. sunnysam


    run on th bank didn't happen to WM and WB. it wont happen to citi either. spreading fear and confusion is not a decent way to make profit from short position.
  7. Citi starting planning for their ad blitz on Thursday or earlier, but the ads won't appear until Sunday's newspapers. Don't they realize that may already be too late?!
  8. huh


    Uhmmmm so why exactly would I want to waste my time standing in line with the other morons when I can simply walk in and get my money back the day after the government takes it over? I think I can find much better things to do with my time....
  9. coolraz


    Well if you have over the FDIC limit, you should at least reduce your bank account to below the FDIC limit. If you do that, you'll be safe no matter what (unless the FDIC fails, then we are all fucked beyond belief).

    However, if you have over the FDIC limit, if indeed the govrmnt takes it over, you'll probably not be able to get all of the money out...
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