citi - 1.5+ billion traded

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  1. 1,500,000,000 shares traded...

    anyone else ever seen a stock trade 1.5billion shares?

    billion has become the new million........
  2. and trillion the new billion, thanks to Treasury and Fed.
  3. bidask


  4. Daal


    My news service just said at 1.62b today C trading hit a US record
  5. Syprik


    Yes, blew by previous record held by WorldCom intra-day trade count.
  6. amazing...
    for the past 52-100 weeks we have been witnessing history being made.
  7. 1,868,217,856 shares traded to be exact.

    And just think, with all those shares traded, it stayed in the same 50 cent range all day long.

    To compare...nasdaq traded 2.5 billion shares today and thats 3,200 stocks!
  8. The question I'm asking myself is - who was on the buy side? Shorts covering? Mom and Pop taking a flyer on 100 shares? I don't think so. The Prince averaging down? Institutions can't add below $5, isn't that right?
  9. Its alot of money when you think about it. 1.8 billion shares traded and figure that maybe an average price all day of 1.70 per share for those 1.8 billion and you are looking at 3 billion dollars changing hands today just in C.

    Then looking at jan 10, 10$ calls are asking 9 cents. Almost seems like a nice lottery ticket to put 900 bucks into it. If citi was at 15 bucks next year, thats a nice 50k gain.

    But i already gambled with citi earlier this year. Bought at 30, sold at 28. I wont touch it again. Too complicated a stock and too much stuff going on with it. Treat C as a lottery ticket (hey its almost the same price) cause thats what it is.
  10. That's ALWAYS the case... Duh! :D
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