CITADEL - Trading On Markets - What do customers want ?

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  1. Oh, they make it sound so benign. I liked the claim that high freq trading actually "smoothes" the market.
  2. I hope they don't sue Prof. Lieberherr and Northeastern for allowing this info to be public :)
  3. Any comment about this piece at page 5?

    Types of information algorithmic trader use:

    - full depth of book
    - order based feeds

    do you think it's what do customers want...or it's already available to some 'customers'?
  4. Citadel, only the name is great ;) Does it has a meaning in English ? in French it's fusion of the castel and the city or a small city defended by big wall ;)

    I love how they put a formula 1... Why not an american car :D
  5. Great to hear that citadel is still in business.
    Are they still pissing away money like the best of them or have they managed to stem their losses?
  6. Citadel Investment Group LLC’s main funds gained 9.5% in June as corporate bonds rose, beating an industry indicator that was little changed. The Wellington and Kensington funds returned 31% in the first six months of the year, said a person familiar with the results who asked not to be named because the information is private. Chicago-based Citadel, founded by Ken Griffin, manages $12bn.

    … Citadel’s funds tumbled 55 percent in 2008 and will have to climb an additional 70 percent before it can charge its clients performance fees again. The firm suspended withdrawals last year from Wellington and Kensington. The firm said in February it will decide each quarter whether to make payments to investors seeking redemptions. It hasn’t yet paid money to those clients.
  7. Suss, is that "you"? :cool:
  8. Nazz,

    can´t stand Ken Griffin. He´s a vulture-capitalist. Without his HFT team, he would be forgotten...
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