citadel and the fed

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  1. mcheema


    Does anyone know what's with the Fed at citadel rumours?
  2. i know.

    citadel and the fed were on a date. and the fed was like "baby, u gotta go down on me under this table; but i'm only gonna give u 25cents on the dollar."

    citadel was like: 'fu fed, u are sooooooo nastyyyy.'

    citadel continued: "fed, u don't know, but i can mess up this whole CDS market with one fat finger--and i don't mean, what do lesbos do" with that, fed took note, and said, "baby, u know I kiiiiid. take all the money u need and u dont' even have to go down on's not my money anyways...."

    Like sand through an hour glass..these are the days of the FED
  3. lol that was hilarious.
  4. LMAO love it
  5. Remember how Paulson was saying they "won't bail out hedge funds"? I read an article the other day this might have been directed at Citadel's Griffin.
  6. Wow. if they go down its a huge blow for Chicago. I know a bunch of people who work there
  7. mcheema


    It's just a rumour coming from some banks in new york who knows.

    LMAO at earlier post
  8. So you dont believe it?
  9. mcheema


    Not sure what to believe, as it is a rumour. The people telling me I believe but they too say its a rumour.
  10. AK100


    Rumour perhaps but you wouldn't bet against it would you..............
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