Citadel and Knight Report Losses on FB

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    In this day and age, how is it possible to have technical problems with computerized exchanges? Isn't this a matter of horsepower? Which is dirt cheap?
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    Is it just me, or does anyone sense this could be a gradual sabotaging of US capital markets? How many individual flash crashes were there? Now the FB ipo? This destroys confidence and forces liquidity offshore, to other exchanges.
  4. Unclear to me why this is getting so much press. "As much as" $35m isn't much money to a firm of Citadel's scale, and it's two orders of magnitude less than the recent JPM loss. It's an ordinary course of business type of loss. No one wins 'em all. I guess the media are hungry for anti-FB content at this point.
  5. One site about some of the incredible things going on is deepcapture dot com. I am not sure if it is all true, but it is interesting reading.

    Empires end because they are built on something ultimately unsustainable. One of the signs of a change is corruption showing up everywhere. That is not because there was no corruption before but because the regulation stops working because the leaders don't care about it. I think our society has lost its way.
  6. Odumbo... (Bush, too)


    A Justice Department which looks the other way on crimes committed by blacks...

    50% of Americans on the dole...

    Ya think?
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    One trader got lucky that his order didn't get executed. Another one, not so lucky.

    His pals weren't so lucky.

    "I'm kind of done," Mr. Hale said. After talking to the firm's risk manager, he sold out of his position near the day's low. So did other guys around him. They couldn't risk taking more losses. Mr. Hale lost $158,000, of which $85,000 was in his personal account. The rest were the firm's.

    A Facebook Buy Order That Wasn't
  8. You get the WSJ five days late? Delivered by Pony Express 'round your way? :confused:
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    Read it in the papers but decided to post it here now since I thought the reference was appropriate. I'm sure there are some who didn't read it.

    Btw, if the link is restricted, you can google "hale white trader fb". Google link seems to be full article.

  10. The technology at many exchanges is not as state-of-the-art as some people thing.. Better tech guys end up in banks / hedge funds, exchanges won't / don't pay up for them.
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