CIT shares halted last trade up 1.9% at $1.64

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ASusilovic, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. LOL the chart I just checked shows it falling off the charts down to $0.01 per share :rofl

    I hope you didnt buy this stock.....
  2. I do not see that on my charts.

    or order book right now. It is just halted. This could be the big one coming.

    Just in time for expiration friday.
  3. CIT is not loaning money, I had a credit line thru Dell with CIT they cut the line to zero from 20k. My FICO score is 778.

    All my credit line with major banks have been wacked and rates raised. I did nothing wrong yet I'm treated like a dead beat.

    The banks got billions for this, yet I'm subsidizing them again by them raising my rates and cutting lines.

    The people who follow the rules always get screwed. All this does is encourage bad behavior, what a screwed up society. We can thank out leaders in Washington for this.
    They set the worse example of all, spending money they don’t have.
  4. Look at its time and sales between 1430hrs and 1500 :D
  5. I rolled back and I do not see any odd trades. Just a bunch of trades in the 1.50's (1.58,1.59,1.57) a quick glance.
  6. thats odd... now it shows it at 1.64 per share lol
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  8. IF CIT collapses Lehman style how do you think this will impact the markets.
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    I thought Obamanomics would have defintely put money inthis company. damm the shareholders are once again screwed...
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