CIT projections?

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  1. Last week... While Faber was on CNBC preachin about how he's positive that CIT will file BK.. I decided to put about $400.00 on CIT @ .40 ... My question is where do you guys/gals see this thing goin in the ultra-near term.. I usually participate on the google boards but its rediculous how ignorant those people are. I know CIT is due to blow up here in a few hours, but just unsure as to where I should look to exit.. A key issue that I have is the fact that there is heavy short interest that is going to have to cover seeing as this thing will probably triple or better by EOD.... any coments?

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  2. take your profits
  3. AAA30


    The proposal that is rumored right now is just a stop gap. CIT can not make moeny at libor +1000 so if they restucture outside of a BK equity should get diluted by a large multiple amount some of this is already priced in but it is hard to tell by how much. Sell a minimum your original investment (400 worth) and start taking profits on the rest on spikes.
  4. Thanks for the insight! yep, first thing in the morning im gonna lock $600.00 worth, a 50% gain on my investment, and still ride 700 shares slowly dumpin them on the rise. CIT waited to announce the Deal as "official" til after hours, So im *hoping :eek: this thing still has some room to move..