CIT- May file chapter 11- Down 28% after hours

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    Have to be suspicious of all the positive rumors on CIT today, only to have this bombshell after hours. The Goldmans and large institutions can get their buddies in the media to print or say anything to help them unload their stock onto the "outsiders".

    Look at the volume (363,000,000 shares traded) and massive up move today (31%).

    Complete manipulation to get some big holders out of their shares.

    Once again, the SEC will do nothing.
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    Wow... That deserves some investigation for sure...
  3. Jim Cramer
    Citi and CIT Are Primed for Upside
    1:54 PM EDT
  4. ahhhh, the old Bear Sterns ploy.
  5. Futs so far yawning at the news.....this "game" might not be over with yet......stay vigilant! :)
  6. why the fuck would the futures care about one shit company citi when theres still $1.8 trillion of bank loses yet to come and the mkt doesn't give two shits?
  7. Not surprised why you would not understand. :eek:

    BTW, I am as SHORT as you can get this market so this type of news can actually help me......but the WAY news is released and WHEN it is released must be taken into account.
  8. let me guess you were long all the way up and you'll be short all the way down?how many short signals have you been stopped out of the past 3 months? 10,20,30 or 40?
  9. None, no stop outs.....I only sell the market when "Commercials" are holding large resting SHORT inventory. They are currently holding large resting SHORT inventory and as a result I am SHORT......that move today off 1065's in the ES was excellent btw.

    Also in the news, "Public Option" killed by the Senate tonight has the ES holding up off near term inventory support of the 1053's.....the market likes this news (too bad obama!!!).
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    long CIT was my best trade all day today. glad I had an MOC on it.
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