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  1. What do you think about this stock? Looks like a good stock to short soon. Stop over 20.1 something
    That Gap seems to make the buyers tired
  2. As long as the NASD is in a positive uptrend, Cisco will be right there with it.

    I do own the stock at 17.50 so my opinion is a little one sided, but this is Cisco the soon to be owner of SFA. Not to mention we are in a telecom bull market and Cisco is a major customer to most of the big players.

    Bet against Chambers, I think Not.

    I agree there could be short term downside, but 18.80 is the new floor here just below 20 day moving avg.

    If you are Short for 5-7% go for it, but that Quarter was a good one and institutions aren't going to be dumping this one. Option pressure to break 20 for FEB. but March contracts are a different story.

    If you want something to short with little upside potential, may I suggest DCN they going Bankrupt and SEC looking into Accounting. Been short this one since $15 and they never go up. Since Delphi went under and US auto sector sucks on the manufacturing side. (Not distribution Go Auto Zone Go) They run there business even worse and Pensions are going to kill them. Bailout coming I think not.

    Also my friend look to go long PDA soon. for a Brazil Play you can trend trade. Made more $ on this one than any other stock in the last 2 yrs. been in and out 6 times. Never owned more than 500 shares and made $44,000+ (no chump change)

    CWPC.ob if you want one coming off the OTC and into a major exchange in the near future. (Up 1400% in 6 months) oil sands in Canada. My Crystal ball says you getting this one on the cheap. going over 6 before application to new exchange. seriously look into this its the next Suncor.

    Readers of this are lucky these are some jewels of ideas.

    Never forget sometimes CASH is KING!!!! Mid to Late March is my best guess.

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  3. $62 looks right
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  4. Here is Cisco

    20 is ceiling until after Feb options expire
  5. Pda=5%
    csco=cieling 20
  6. PDA=8.6%

    :D :D :D

    good to be right
  7. I would be careful to short here They held CSCO below 20 cause of option pressure.

    But a big gain in the stock may warrant such action in coming weeks as I feel we are getting strethed a bit with large and small tech stocks. ( 21.50 I feel like a short postion carries wieght at that level)

    Any body jump on board PDA, BOT, CWPC.ob, or XSNX.ob
    PDA had a great day This thing did it again for me..

    Let me know how the trade whent for you if so.
    Any questions about them and I will try my best give you an unbiased opion at the level you are thinking of entering at.

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  8. Csco Looks like a sell stock around here

    I would do these options on it
    Put Entry Price=PEP=Column 1)=Enter at the price
    for PSP=Col 3)= Strike price
    Days to expiry= Minimum trade days to exipry

    Calls...same way but use col 2 4

    Put Entry Price Call Entry Price Put Strike Call Strik Min Days to Expiry
    20.11 17.54 19.25 18.39 8.11
    20.36 17.28 19.34 18.31 7.21
    20.62 17.02 19.42 18.22 6.36
    20.88 16.76 19.51 18.14 5.57
    21.13 16.51 19.59 18.05 4.84
    21.39 16.25 19.68 17.96 4.17
    21.65 15.99 19.76 17.88 3.57
  9. At least they are finally going to start issuing debt to finance some activities
  10. DCN Short could of done 9 % if you got in on 17th till yesterday
    This is a dog.
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