Cisco Systems

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by SCNinvestor, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. What about Cisco? Though it felt down some percents but it's still high. Should I continue to keep the stock? what would you do in my case?:confused:
  2. One of the most over-rated stocks on Wall St in my view.
    Never owned it, don't even look at it. Everyone was pumping it a few months ago....then it dived.....leading me to conclude they must have been short.
  3. Are you a trader or a long term investor? If you're a trader it should have been sold already by getting stopped out... you do have a stop order in place, right?
  4. I am a long term investor, waiting for better days, I think. This one is a real disaster. It has started to be such.
  5. Sell short-dated, at-the-money-calls against your entire position until the stock is called away and you're done with it.

  6. I will do it. Thanks!