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  1. I visited the Cisco Futures site during a search for information on Market Profile Charts. It seemed to me that the site was lacking in the typical hype associated with those wishing to sell a service. Some of the examples given were from the mid-late 90s, which made me wonder of this company is still active in the training of traders and/or as a data provider. Does anyone have any experience with this company and would anyone recommend either one of their training courses? Having read through the free material there, it seemed to me that anyone who went into the futures markets without at least a basic understanding of those concepts might be taking an unnecessary risk, to put it mildly.

    A related question would be - does anyone use Market Profile charts as their primary analysis tool, particularly in the 'swing' or 'position' time frames? Any recommended reading re: Market Profile charts and/or info on a good source of the charts themselves for futures or equities would be appreciated. Thanks, Nik
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    This is how e-Signal describes market profile charts:

    Market Profile charts are designed for futures contracts and use a unique way of effectively organizing price and time to make it possible for traders to see which price areas the market is accepting and which ones it is rejecting. By using letters signifying specific 30 minute blocks of time during which each price is hit, you can see which prices the market is seeking to rotate around.

    Now in the interest of discloser I've spent well over a decade studying conventional price charts and no more than maybe a few hours looking at market profile charts.
    But FWIW, while your waiting on more replies, I can't find any particular advantage of market profile over conventional charts. Price will get "rejected" wherever there is an imbalance of supply or demand which IMO will show up just as well on a conventional chart as a pivot or swing high/low. So I'm not sure what advantage a market profile would provide. Maybe someone else has more they can add.
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    i was trying to get some info on market profile a couple of months ago. alot of people told me to read "mind over markets". i havent got it yet, but you can try it. if you find out any more on mp let me know...seems intresting...
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    Great book. Not just for the MP overview, but also as a valuable treatise on the logic behind price movements in the double auction process.
  5. i'd like to know if someone could tell me where i can download it in a pdf format plz.. can find the first version in books stores so i want to seek ur generosity :D .
    thx for any help
  6. Hi TL -

    Check out the tutorials below if you want a dissenting opinion - I am like you in that I have only ever looked at bar/candlestick charts. The intriguing thing about MP for me is that it provides a much different interpretation of certain 2-5 day chart formations than does standard TA (at least as I understand it). For example, check out this tutorial -

    go to page 19, and read the section called Development of an Overlay

    Perhaps you wouldn't have assumed an 'imbalance' if you were looking at the bars which would represent the price action shown there... anyway, I just thought this little bit was interesting. I'd welcome further discussion on this.

    hey boomer

    There's a lot of free material available at the Cisco website

    you have to wade through the site a bit - try the link cited above or this or this

    this may be too basic for you, but perhaps others can use it....

    I ordered the Dalton book - I'll post here after reading it, but I have a few opinions already which confirm Pabst's take on it.

    I'd still love to hear from anyone with specific experience of Cisco


    I presume you meant that you CAN'T find the 'first version' in bookstores.... the book is available at amazon
  7. but too expensive .. i live in France and it will cost me 50 $ ( including shipping..) .. and i can't find it in europe.. just want to know if someone had it in a pdf format and want to share this ebook with me.. anyway thanx for your help :p
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    Thanks for the link. It is some interesting reading. I'm still having trouble seeing anything on the market profile I can't see on conventional OHLC bar chart though. Maybe I'm looking at too small of a sample or maybe I need to read that explanation again. In any case I think I'll keep a MP chart open during the day for a week or two and see what I see.