CISCO Earnings Play

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  1. FAST.AM


    Their Earnings should be stellar.

    NOV 7th after the bell

    This an easy option play..

    Thoughts ???
  2. gobar


    JNPR didnt blew street expectation and stock was down $3.00 :(
  3. Speaking of Cisco the CSCO yahoo boards has got to be one of the biggest, longest running jokes of the internet. You would think Yahoo would do something.
  4. FAST.AM


    NetGear blew earnings away last night.

    I'm in the business - Everyone is a Cisco
    shop if anything Cisco taking juniper shares..

    I hear you u - u have a good point about JNPR

    I listened to John Chambers last conference call.
    John was so so upbeat - I haven't every herd him this way...

    Think about it HPQ AAPl MSFT exploding computer sales..

    who is connecting them ? Cisco is 90 percent of the internet backbone.
  5. FAST.AM


    Yes the Yahoo boards what a disaster..
    I'm sure billions of dollars are lost because of the nonsense yhoo boards

    BTW... EMC ,ORCL also firing on all cylinders

    We are missing one thing here the network to connect these
  6. In regards to CSCO's earnings

    I think because of MSFT stellar earnings people who missed it will pile into CSCO. And we all know what happens in that case, CSCO will have good earnings but fall after.
  7. FAST.AM


    Yes exactly forex -- look at the charts from last earnings - Pop for a few days then back down.

    I picked up 3000 shares of the common yesterday..
    Options look real juicy down here

    :D :D
  8. empee


    Cisco will beat this quarter because they will steal sales from next Q, they will miss next Q and dump, I'm planning on being short big time next Q, but this Q I expect a gap up.
  9. Note to self: buy CSCO on Monday.
  10. FAST.AM


    Yes Monday I'm getting in some Call options also.. I was going to put this to work Friday morn - csco pulled back to 31.20....I was wasting my time chasing Bidu.. bidu has cause be much pain this week.. That stock to volatile between thur night and Friday morning this had a 60 point swing.. talk about losing your lunch.

    if the Fed does the right thing we should break the highs on the nasdaq / dow ..
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