Cisco Casino Play Lotto scratch off play.

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  1. Here is a Casino play for those who want to wager a small sum of 70-80 dollars.

    I recommend putting in a bid of 7-8 cents for the FEB 20 puts on tuesday.

    Cisco Management is a joke and for a very small fun wager of 70 bucks the odds are on your favor due to the piss poor management that runs Cisco.

    10 contracts gives you 1000 shares.

    If the dipshit management fails to impress. and CSCO hits 21 bucks, you can cash out if you wish for 240-250 dollars and call it a day.

    I would not be surprised one bit for that light in the loafers CEO to spook the bulls into selling on the 9th.

    Or if you want, you can say "NO DEAL!"

    and dont be surprised if CSCO hits 19 bucks and you can walk home with 1100 bucks.

    All that fun and excitement for a measly 70-80 bucks. How can you say no to this Casino play?
  2. S2007S


    After last quarters disappointment I really think people arent really expecting much from them so in that case I think the stock moves higher after earnings. Should be interesting to see where the earnings come in for this company.
  3. Eight


    They owe me, I couldn't even navigate their website without hiring a PhD in Computer Science with an MBA, I tossed the Cisco router eventually...
  4. Roark


    I still have my Cisco Linksys operating, upgraded with the open source Tomato software. That's quality hardware.
  5. spindr0


    I'll bet you an online nickel that if CSCO hits 21, you'll be lucky to have a break even.
  6. dhpar


    at least i know to who i sold the puts... btw for proceeds i bough more OTM calls...
  7. Only a few minutes left before the tables close.

    pass line bets will not be allowed soon.
  8. All bets off. Tickets are gonna be a scratch.
  9. And cisco is taking a beating. 4.23% down so far. not surprising due to sucky CEO.
  10. dhpar


    i have to give it to you. this seems to be surprisingly weak. let's hear the CC.

    if we go below 20.90 i may even lose some money which i thought impossible. disappointing. :mad:
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